2003 Saturn L200 Q&A

2003 Saturn L200 Question: I try to start the car and it turns over and wants to start but doesn't.

I'm getting fuel in the cylnders (the plugs are wet). what could be the problem? -
Answer 1
Too much fuel, no spark, or maybe even a restricted exhaust which causes the engine to not draw in fresh air. Testing needs to be done to prove what is happening, has any one tried to pull trouble codes? What about looking at scan data, especially during cranking? If the coolant temperature sensor circuit is going open when cranking, the computer would be trying to start the car with the amount of fuel that it would need if it was -40f. -
Answer 2
Any history of check engine light , prior to it finally not running? -
Answer 3
would the crank sensor be my problem and where is it located on my car -
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