I took off my front wheel hub and can't get it back on is there a certain way on 2004 Honda Odyssey

To put it back on

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Replace the bearing now.
pull the knuckle assembly and bring it along with a new bearing , to a shop with a press. Make sure to have the correct type bearing and be sure they install it the correct direction or else your abs light will be on afterwards. If you try to put the separated bearing back together , you will most likely be doing this anyway within 5K miles. Just trying to spare you the trouble and extra expense.Good luck.
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There is
How do I do it
Are you trying to replace the whole hub assembly?
I had to replace studs and I can't get hub back on it won't go
Dude you need that hub to get hydraulic press in. Taking it out is easy but putting back in I don't think so..
Find a mechanic shop near you and have that thing press in
I would help you but damn I live to far I'm like in the middle of the ocean
OK thanks so there's no other way I can't bang it in myself
Don't do that you will the damage the hub
OK thanks