I thinking about putting 16"or17"wheel on my 2000dodge dakota,will they fit? on 2000 Dodge Dakota

found wheels from 2007dodge dakota will they work on 2000dodge dakota?

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ck with a tire guy for sure and make sure tires will clear inner fender
Thanks for the info,if I go ahead and do the bigger tire&wheel would I mess up anything in the trans or rears sence it's all computerized?Thanks Ed
it won't mess any thing up as long as you have good clearance. you can buy tires to fit the rims as well as match up the ride height you are currently at. you wanna change the rim size but not the height. is that right?
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if lug pattern match it should. best to dry fit and check for clearance.
Thanks for your input about the tires&wheels.I talked with another guy about this,and he told me just get the original tire to put back on it because it's possible that it might mess with the transmission and the rear end sence it's all computerized.If you think this would happen please reply back.Thanks Ed
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