I think that i hit a helmit on the high way. and my rim bent. on 1995 Dodge Avenger

after putting on a new rim, i went to bell tire to do alignments because it allwayse pulls to the right. they said that my caster is off. which i have no idea what it is. i went to a mechanic and he said that i need to replace the K Frame. is this true? please help the rookie

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There are many components involved in the suspension of your 1995 Avenger. There are many reasons a vehicle may pull to one side. Some examples are Tires, Seizure of drive shaft ball joint, Abnormal wear, play or seizure of wheel bearing, Brake caliper dragging, Malfunction of front suspension or steering, Suspension malfunction, Ball joint, Coil spring and / or Wheel alignment. Frame damage is also a possibility. Take your vehicle to another shop for a second opinion. Here is a link to shops i your area;