I think my car does not have a thermostat, it vibrates in neutro or Park, why? on 2002 Honda Civic

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also the temperature is always very low and the fuel consumption is very high not normal for this vehicule.

I want to change the thermostat as soon as possible but am worried that has been like this far too long and now may be vibrating because some other failure that this could trigger.

i just buy the car and want it to stop vibrating.

thanks for any recommendation of what could be.
(1) Answer
Thermostat may have an issue but, this will not not cause vibration. You do have a thermostat and replacing is not an issue for further vibration. Need more info on the reason for vibration as to when or what causes more vibes than before. Bad thermostat will cause improper temp. idle...higher revs. not vibration.