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2006 BMW 325xi Question: I started the car and the car shooked and turned off what is the cause off that?



Salorie, River Grove, IL, April 14, 2013, 11:28

A couple weeks ago I took my car for an oil change and the next day when turmning on my car the car started shaking, trembeling and car would turn off when came to a complete stop. So I took it in again, they said it was the gas cap that was lose and that air went in and reacted. However I kept getting a the signal of a red car on my dash screen. I told them about it and they said it was because I need back rear breaks. well weeks later TODAY, I turn the car on starts, proceeds with a tremble and stops with a check engine signal. Obviously the dealer is pulling a game, but it's more than that. Your guidance, pointers, are must needed and appreciated. Thank you

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