I smell gas, while car is running at an idle. on 2001 Dodge Stratus

I have changed the canister vent solenoid located by the fuel tank

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Have it checked for a fuel leak.!
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Sounds like a break in fuel line. Need to have inspected ASAP.
check engine light is on. I will post the code in a day or two. No fuel leaks. Thanks for your help so far.
Okay......will watch for repost. Misfire condition can cause the fuel smell as well.
Ok, there are multiple codes. I hope some set others. All I have are the numbers. Here they are po431,po421,po141,po442,p1400,po306,po141,po442. I erased all codes and will repost/update codes tomorrow. I am hoping for a smaller list. Thanks again for any help and ideas.
P0306 is a misfire condition in cylinder 6. Check spark plugs, ignition coil, wires for problem. All the rest seem to indicate a problem with the exhaust system or a manifold leak. May need to have garage inspect.
Ok, thanks. I replaced timing belt with tensioner and water pump. I replaced the plugs and wires,cap and rotor along with valve covers at this time also. I am ready to part ways with the wifes car. Sounds like i get to go back and find my mistakes. All this was done early in the year, I will say early march. I had all the same codes this evening. You mentioned a misfire causing a gas smell, what about the plenum gasket leaking? i replaced all the small vacuum lines during the same time.