I replaced the water pump and timing belt. on 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse

I replaced water pump and timing belt and the car runs at speed great but at idle in park or in drive engine now surges but when you drive it runs good and starts right up and it idles around 860-900 in park any help would be greatly appreciated.

Check the alignment of your timing belt, it may be off 1 tooth which can cause a surging idle. also be sure to check for any vacuum leaks.

here is a to some repair info d for your car, including your timing belt alignment
Thank you for the help I guess I'll take it apart again and check it cause its hard to keep the crank TDC and the cams aligned after you do the tensioner it seems to move the cam gears I thought I had it cause it runs real good when driving it but just have the surge while at idle and what pain to do this job but I really thank you.