I replaced the startere on a 1999 cougar 2.4 L engine and now it does not charge on 1999 Mercury Cougar

Trace wire from alt. to battery.

Check them big ol fuses under the hood! "Could" have blown a maxi fuse.
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do you have 12v to large wire at alt?
Don't know as I haven't unburied the alt yet. Was hoping I wouldn't have to. I am wondering how the hot wire to the alt. routes to the battery? Does it junction at the solonoid?
not sure you ned to trace but possible
I don't rely on coincidences. Charged fine until I replaced starter. I hate to take off the right side of the car to get to the Alt. Am thinking maybe the hot wire between the batt and alt became disconnected somewhere. It is hard to see at the solonoid without taking it apaRT AGAIN.
maybe the battery is bad