2006 Dodge Charger Q&A

2006 Dodge Charger Question: I replaced the starter relay & it still wont start no turn over only clicks

battery is being drained before I changed the starter relay. I tried to jump start & still only clicks doesn't turn over? what am I missing? -
Answer 1
Anthony; First wear safety glasses. Insure battery is fully charged and providing proper voltage. Check the battery cables [clean and secure if needed]. A loose connection at the battery or starter can cause this problem. Also check ground connections at engine and body/chassis. A bad starter or stater solenoid can cause this problem. Have an assistant work the key while you monitor the starter/starter solenoid. BE CAREFUL - THINK BEFORE YOU DO. WATCH OUT FOR MOVING PARTS. Because there is a clicking noise I would NOT suspect an alarm system issue. -
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Thanks for the tips Ill try this and get back to you with the results. -
Comment 2
I am having the same problem did you find out what was wrong with your car -