I replaced the postive battery cable and the battery light came on while driving on 2007 Pontiac G6

I noticed the battery light came on while I was driving to work after replacing the postive battery cable. The wipers moved really slow and the lights were dim. When I got to work the car died while pulling into a parking space. I looked around the starter and saw a green wire with an eyelet on it that wasn't hooked to anything. Does that need to be attached to the starter with the positive battery cable? I'm thinking I was only driving on battery power and that the green wire goes to the alternator. Hopefully that's it.

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Yup, that eyelet wire is your direct link to your alternator. Your alternator can't send the battery any power without it. Two wires should be hooked to positive terminal. The large red wire and a small wire with an eyelet. Hope this helps you. You are missing a wire to your battery positive terminal not your starter