i replaced the intake gasket and now its leaking water what do I do on 1997 Dodge Ram 1500

It seem to be coming from the back side of the block

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Was this the reason you replaced the gaskets to start with? Which engine you got?
I give up, read the question you'll get your answer. Had enough I'm out of here.
I will just wait for the answer i am looking for! SYL.
Sorry about that,I replaced the intake gasket because It was backfiring and burning a lot of oil. I have the 5.2L V-8
Did you replace both the UPPER intake gaskets and the LOWER intake gaskets on this two piece manifold? Recheck your work. With a mirror try to locate the 'source' of the leak before taking anything back apart, just to be sure you know what to look for when you get back into it again. May be just a hose. Water leaks can be tricky, leak over there but show up over here!
Thanks, it helps to get all the information we can.
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need more info to help. eng size. double ck your work
I finally got everythng together, no leaks, but engine is still back firing. Not as bad before but still doing it. What else could it be?
Pull it back down and check that your gasket is in place. TIP; I always use a sealer on any water seal, Just saying (no come backs).