1999 Buick LeSabre Q&A

1999 Buick LeSabre Question: i replaced the fuel pump the car still wont start.

i allso replaced the purge selinoid the car will not start -
Answer 1
do u have pwr at the pump harness if not ck relay -
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thank you very much for your help... -
Answer 2
Was the fuel pump replaced because it failed or because the car wouldn't start?Check all fuses , you possibly have 2 EFI fuses , one of which supplies power to the relay.Check and make sure all air/vacuum hose are hooked up correctly , you have mass air flow meter on that and with a leak , if it's large enough , it won't start. -
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bad connection in the fuel pump harness, the problem is solved, thank you very much for your help ..... well now my car is back in the shop an we have the same problem, the tech put in new relays and the car still wont start, could it be a bad fuel pump, the tech at the car dealer instead of checking to see if the pump is bad tried new relays an now after all this exspence, is now telling me to take the car to someone else he dosent know whats wrong with it . he just put a new pump in a week ago or so ... any ideas ? -
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