I replaced the front pads,now im getting bad brake chadder on 2000 Toyota Tundra

The last time that we had the front brakes done the toyota dealer did the job.When we got the vehicle back there was slight brake chatter.My wife did not like it so she had the dealer instal new rotars,which solved the problem.This time I instaled new pads.The old pads were not worn out when replaced.We now are getting brake chatter and it is getting worse!And i mean worse!Surely you don't have to replaced the rotars every time you instal new pads.New brake pads were instaled as per the haynes repair manual and I have worked on vehicles for 50 years,but I do not,for a minute consider myself a mechanic.Please help before the ole lady traids me in for an

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ive replaced the brakes 4 times on my wifes chevy in 3 years (rotors twice).its just that she has a heavy brake foot.ive tried to teach her how to coast up to stoplights to no avail.ive resigned myself to the fact that ill be doing lots of brake work as long as im married to her!
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You need to machine or replace the rotors they may be warpped or the new pads are not contacting the full mount of the rotor or flexing each time the brakes are applied.