i replaced the brakes on a 2000 Ford Explorer but now i cant get them to bleed on 2000 Ford Explorer

The brakes were starting to go almost all the way to the floor, so I changed the front brakes and now I can't get them to pump back up.

by in Weatherford, TX on November 07, 2013
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ANSWER by on November 07, 2013
The problem is the master cylinder. Assuming the front is disc then your peddle pressure will remain constant with a little more travel as the rear shoes wear down. Have the master cylinder replaced.
COMMENT by on November 08, 2013
I checked the master cylinder and it looks like its working.... but I see the brake lines going into a black box located beside the master. It has a total of 5 lines going into it. Do ya know what its called and could it be out?
COMMENT by on November 08, 2013
That is the abs.There is a procedure to bleeding abs. You also need a non return valve if you are doing it alone. Vehicle must be running
COMMENT by on November 08, 2013
Ok thanks a lot for your help.
COMMENT by on November 08, 2013
Your welcome
ANSWER by on November 08, 2013
You need to get some hands-on help with this. Probably from a mechanic before doing any more work on your brakes!!
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ANSWER by on November 08, 2013
have system pwr bled to get rid of air
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COMMENT by on November 08, 2013
By the way are the rear disc or drum?
ANSWER by on June 08, 2015
The same here when the car is off I get pressure when the car is on it goes to the floor dose that mean the master cylinder is out our do I need to bleed the breaks again