I replaced my water pump last yr. I noticed this year leaking had replaced again on 2004 GMC Envoy

I had it replaced last Friday and noticed on Monday it was leaking coolant again. Took it back to the mechanic he stated it was leaking above the coolant around the housing. What could this be, it's not running hot or anything else. I had a tune-up done as well. Please help!

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Dont know what to tell you except get it fixed. That's about as much help as we can offer, i think, sorry!
Your mechanic can see the leak so let him tell you what the problem is, or get a MECHANIC to pressure test the system and search for leak with a video (bore) scope.
What else could it be? I already got the water pump replaced.
I dont know!! Head gasket, timing cover/gasket, hose, defective/improperly installed water pump. Needs to be LOOKED at with system under pressure.
thank you
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It may be your front cover leaking at the gasket. Mine is doing the same thing and I replaced my water pump also. Its a lot of work involved and I am trying to get a decent estimate. Don't want to do it myself, but dealership is really expensive here....