1993 Ford Escort Q&A

1993 Ford Escort Question: i replaced ignition wiring on escort but the wiring still gets hot thanks

it started the other day started smoking got new wiring for switch but still gets hot thank you ignition swith -
Answer 1
Obtain a wiring schematic and start disconnecting the wiring for the components that the ignition switch powers. Start with any add-on electronic devices such as stereo equipment. Something in your system is shorted or drawing a tremendous amount of current producing the heat. Be careful, it could be a potential fire hazard. -
Answer 2
Not sure if it is related or not, but this vehicle had program 94B55 way back in 1994 that was for a fuel pump wire harness issue...installed a circuit protected jumper harness to the pump. I remember several of these melting all the way up into the dash. Would be worth looking at. -
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