1992 Ford Crown Victoria Q&A

1992 Ford Crown Victoria Question: i replaced fuses they keep blowing car won't start what is wrong???

Answer 1
Short in component or harness. -
Comment 1
Thank-You so much -
Comment 2
What are you able to test , on your own? Do you have a multi-meter? -
Comment 3
No sorry i haven't don't know to much -
Comment 4
Do you know which circuits are on the fuses you replace? How many other items don't work? Does the fuse pop as soon as you try to install it? -
Comment 5
I have to check what other things are on the fuse..First the headlight went out replaced that but didn't work..Replaced the fuse and it ran for about 2 days then tryed to start it and won't do anything so as soon as i replace the fuse it pops -
Comment 6
Even with the key 'off' it pops? -
Comment 7
No sorry i mean't right after i replaced the fuse and then tryed to start the car it popped -