I refuel wrong fuel, desel instead of gas. so engine stoped. on 2012 Jeep Liberty

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I towed the car to a shop. I wonder how much i should pay for it?
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It's not a matter of choice, what ever the bill is well that is what you should pay! I am sure they will do a good job and offer a fair price.
May only need to drain fuel tank and fill with preminm GASOLINE! Dont think it has an external fuel filter. May run a bit rough for awhile.
Should clear up by second tank of GAS. Should not need any parts right now but may later IF check engine light comes on after a few tanks full. Light may come on at first but dont panic, give it time to clear up then have system tested and light reset. May want to request this as your repair!
No set price for this job. (Dont use the pump with the GREEN nozzle!)