I recently had my engine mounts replaced thinking my axle had been dislocated.. on 1997 Honda Accord

axle dislocated due to broken/worn engine mounts. I then found the leak was coming from my mt transmission housing select lever dust seal. (number 15) All&vinnoT=&trim=&trans=&view=normal I'v heard good things about white shephard transmission sealer but i'm weary of the horro stories.. my trany is practical mint. any one have any suggestion's? I've tried t find the honda liquid gasket pn 0Y740-99986 but can only find honda high temp liquid gasket and the honda regular. none of the honda high temp has a pn on it.. so i don';t know if it the stuff or not.. im gogin to do it myself at a friend shop or in my drive way as usual.. but id like the insight please


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never mind......if you know which seal is leaking why don't you fix it with the right parts from your dealer instead of online (cheaper?) parts ?you're already saving money by doing the labor yourself. Save the aggravation & treat yourself good and the parts guys can (and probably would be happy to) print you out an exploded view of the parts if you need , for some extra guidance on the procedure, if needed.good luck gizmo!