1991 Ford E-250 Q&A

1991 Ford E-250 Question: i really need my van to work already please help!

So my van was running, but real bad i checked spark plugs the gap was off alot i got new spark plugs and gapped them properly now my van wont start ? -
Answer 1
may never have been the plugs. have your fuel pressure checked for possible fuel pump failure. Roy -
Answer 2
ck fuel pressure with a gage it is fuel injection -
Answer 3
I also think possibly fuel pump. I have found that if your able to have someone try and start the truck while you pound on the tank with small mallet. it may start. Then you know its a fuel condition. -
Answer 4
Did you replace the wires in correct order? Maybe left anything disconnected? Recheck your work. Need more data. -