1997 Ford Explorer Q&A

1997 Ford Explorer Question: i put to much oil in my ford, and soon after it started running rough.

it was sittin for awhile before this when we bought the engine the intakes were gooped up, but after puting to much oil in we plugged a hand held machine in it the code read evap, what is that? an would that make it run rough? what else could it be and what else could i do, about the oil thing, help please!! -
Answer 1
drain the oil and run it with tranny fluid it will clean some of gunk out then drain the tranny fluid and replace with new oil -
Answer 2
I like 'old school' but I would probably recommend 0-20 motor oil and a quart of marvel mystery oil instead of a quart of oil. Just a thought. Years ago(yeah , I'm THAT old) we didn't have '0' weight oil available for stuff like this....And be patient , don't go over 2K RPMs ...run it for maybe 1/2 hour then drain & fill with OEM rec oil & GOOD filter. And follow whatever else goodguy suggests cause , well..........read my profile ....never mind. Good luck. -