I put new cylinder heads on the 04 hyundia santa fe now it wont start. on 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe

I dont get gas to the fuel rail and no spark to coils please help

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Remove the fuel pump relay and diagnose the 'no spark' issue first.Reply , when you have spark.
thanks for the help ziptie I was running out of options....
Just guessin' too , but the starter fluid and the WD40 has me worried.
I wish it would backfire then that would let me know it is getting spark. It just turns over.
Trying to set it on fire is the expensive way to check for spark!! Get a volt/ohmmeter and start checking fuses and the circuit(s)! Don't blow it up before you fix it...........just sayin'..........check ALL fuses.
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first check to see if you hooked up all the wiring that might have come off when you replaced the head and also check your fuses and grounds
I have the Haynes auto repair manual. Its a 2.4 4 cylinder engine. All the timing marks align the #1 piston is on Compression stroke. This is a interference motor. I had all the wiring numbered. I cranks over like it wants to start but nothing. I have sprayed starter fluid and WD40 and still no luck. I inserted a screw driver inside the rubber boot of the coil pack to see if I had spark and nothing. I bought a new fuel relay, new crank shaft sensor and fuel pump. The suv over heated when the bottom radiator broke.
what do you mean when you crank it over it wants to start ,does it just crank over or does it backfire or something like that? turn the key on and see if you can hear the fuel pump running,if not did you check all the fuses with a test light If fuses are ok then check for power going to the ecm
When I turn the ignition key on to the start position I dont hear the fuel pump turn on.If I take the fuel pump relay out and bypass it the fuel pump it works but, I have to disconnect the bypass wire so the fuel pump stops working. The engine turns over ,but wont start. I'm thinking the PCM is bad.