I put new brake pads on front and rear but we have no brakes. on 1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue

there seems to be no pressure going to the calipers. I treied bleeding the brakes but all it would do was just dribble brake fluid. what should I look for?

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Sounds like you might have an issue with your master cylinder. That is what applies the pressure from your brake pedal. Did you have a weak pedal or no brakes before you changed the pads? Signs to look for would be brake fluid around the master cylinder or on the brake booster. It is usually running down the booster right under the master cylinder. Air in the brakes lines would also cause this. If say they were not bled correctly or there was a hole in a line. Just to help me get up to speed.. why did you do a brake job? No brakes or were your brake pads low?
The brakes were barely working Had to use the emergency brake to stop. I also know the rotors are bad and need replaced. But shouldn't the piston still put pressurre on the rotor when the brake is applied?
Yes the piston should apply pressure when the brake is applied. If it is not then you need to inspect the master cylinder. Other than your foot that is the source of pressure.
Thank you so much for your information I really appreciated it.
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brobley master cylinder bad
Thank you for answering my question.