I put led lights on my truck. When i turn on right signal it blinks fast on 2004 Nissan Titan

it blinks like i have a light burned out

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How does it do when turned to the left signal? IS one of the right signal light bulbs NOT working? Same fuse and flasher for both left and right!
Just saying.
its only with the right turn signal. All lights are in good working order.If i turn the lights off or leave just the parking lights on it works fine...
Just exactly when does it act up then? If it is ok with the lights on or off? When you hit the brakes or what? Ground circuit needs to be checked!!
It only acts up when the head lights are on...If i turn the headlight off and just leave the parking lights on it works fine
Are you talking about some kind of add on LED light bar on the outside of the truck somewhere? Or LED replacement bulbs in place of the factory bulbs?? Where did you put these LED lights at???
the rear taillights third brake lights and fog lights are led. The headlights are a Halo style with regular bulbs for turn signal
If it only acts up when you turn the headlights on try measuring the ground circuit voltage drop on the right hand side under the conditions that cause the turn signal to flash too fast. (You can compare the ground voltage drop on the left hand side). Make both measurements to battery negative, an excessive voltage drop would reduce your current flow and could drop it enough that the flasher is reacting like you have a bad bulb.
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The LED lights do not have enough amp draw to heat/trip the flasher properly. I is like it doesn't know you have a bulb installed.
Would a bigger fuse resolve the problem
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