I put 2-cicle gas in my car...oil gas mix on 2001 Toyota Camry

smoking cutting off

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4cyl. or V-6? change the spark plugs and get fresh gas. Pushrod is right.
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How much 2 cycle gas? A gallon of "clean water free" two stroke gas is probably a darn good fuel treatment for any vehicle, unless you put several gallons in the tank! Marvel Mystery oil has been used for years and still is, it's about the same thing as this!! IF this gas was 'water free', that is NOT your problem! Question, why did you pour the weedeater gas in your car? Yeah i know you thought it was out of gas, that right? Fill the tank up with pump gas! Check engine light on? Scan test.
agree with #1. drain tank and refill dilute the oil
Its a Toyota camry XLE 2001 what's the best way to drain the tank
3oz of oil is not your problem! I am telling you this so you dont do all that work for nothing! You had a problem prior to putting this gas in the tank. Google Marvel Mystery oil. I ran a forest and garden shop for years so i know a bit about 2 cycle fuel and the oil mixed with it.
It was allmost 5 gallons smokes and cuts off & sound
Fill the tank up with prem gas. There is no drain plug in the tank! Sounds easy, little more to it though! .... (5 gal)??? Take the empty can to the station for gas if needed.
3 or 4 gal
It 's trying to run on this gas only now so just FILL the tank with prem gas, that should take care of it. Then when you use some of that gas, you can put more gas in the tank and so on. It will not harm the engine! Get some gas in that empty can and put it in the tank.
I can't get it to start.. how can I get gas to the engine
First of all who keeps that much 2 cycle gas mixed up anyway? Now, you sure it wasn't DIESEL fuel??? Have it towed to a repair shop and fixed! That is all i can tell you! TWO CYCLE GAS RUNS PRETTY GREAT IN ANY AUTOMOBILE 4 CYCLE ENGINE THAT IS A FACT! I HAVE TRIED IT. DIESEL FUEL IS A DIFFERENT STORY!
Good luck with it.
For a dirt bike
Catch a ride for some gas or call a wrecker and let a repair shop fix it.
Drain the fuel tank, refill with new fuel.