I purchased a cigarette lighter assembly kit it is
too small to fit what to do? on 1995 Nissan Pathfinder

This lighter kit has the wire, I need to make it
fit into the existing hole,

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Use the sleeve off of the old one.
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Use the sleeve off of the old one.
return it and purcahse the correct one
I was told that this lighter is universal, I checked out other auto websites and Iam getting
the same number for the part. I know I have to modify it
Return it and get one that fits the hole. If not we can't see what you have to work with, take it to someone qualified to instruct you.
I would and I contacted the person I ordered it from and was told it is a universal
part, and I should get an adapter for a local store.
That's hard for me to say when I can't see it. In electrical wiring, sometimes we need to put a connector into a junction box with a bigger hole than the connector. They make bushings to fit them so we can use that connector in that hole. If you're not understanding what I'm saying, go to an electrical store and ask them to show you what I'm saying. Maybe that will give you an idea of how to fix your project.
Yes I understand, the existing hole in the dashboard is too big to fit the new lighter, I was told
the lighter is a universal part, and modifications would have to be made. I will try
the electronics store for the bushings, thanks for the input
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