I purchased a 2010 GL450 and I've had trouble with it from day one. on 2010 Mercedes-Benz GL450

First it was the broken blinker, then I got nails in 3 of my run right tires, my tire gauge light is NEVER dependable, my coolant light comes on and off for no reason, and now there is an awful smell coming from the air conditioner.....the dealership has very poor customer servive. I feel like I should have some options here. Can anyone let me know what to do?

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Try an other MB dealer in your area with a better customer service. If no help from the dealership, call MB of North America and ask them for help or complain to them.
Their contact info is in your owner's manual.
If they won't resolve your problems, try BBB (Better Business Bureau).
Also check out the Lemon-law section.