I purchased a 1999 Volvo S70 T5 as my daughters first car. on 1999 Volvo S70

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Two owners, 206K miles, maintenance records up to 186K miles. I picked the car up with 1/8th tank of gas. I was told it ran fine on minimum grade fuel, so I filled it up. Drove it 44 miles home and parked it in the garage. I started it this morning and it would not stay running. Could it be the low grade gas? I am going to try one of the octane boosters /PEA by Chevron to see if the works. If not, fuel pump?
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Hi Sharon,
It's hard to say why this is running the way it is, but it's definitely not from the grade of gas. Bad gas could cause this but I doubt that is an issue. I wouldn't try any fuel additives, they won't help either.
Do you have any warning lights on?
Hi Bret, I just found your response, sorry about that. My mechanic had me get under the hood, unscrew a bike tire cap, press in a valve stem, gas squished out. Then I tried starting the car, and pressed the valve again and nothing came out. Towed the car, replaced fuel pump, a fuse maybe , the filter... Runs awesome. My mechanic is a good distance from me but I have the hit list of maintenance items to do.struts, back brakes, back shocks are next then the timing belt. Yahoo.