i pulled a po107 code map/bar lowinput....ialreadyc allo2 sensor last year its w on 2000 Cadillac DeVille

here are the other codespo171bnk1 po174bnk2

vacuum leak
wnt too auto zone maf sensor is bad because when all 5 codes pointed too 02 sensors mass air flow sensor is bad it never been change on vehicle it has 186-786.5 miles on engine... is the maf in side of the breather where the throttle body mates up with the air filter remember im the novice!!!!!
maybe there just doing there job find the vac leak!
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engine is lean due to probable vac leak, common between throttle body and intake
i checked that too found no leakes . still baffel going too pull them tomorrow and really trace them down it really puzzeling because i took everything apart check and recheck...... same codes pop back up....