I own a Crossfire 2004 and all of the sudden the engine shutdown. on 2004 Chrysler Crossfire

The code is saying that is the crankshaft and so we changed it and we keep getting the same error and it does not start, my mechanic is saying that it is the engine computer. Rebuilding the engine computer is super expensive.Do you think is the computer? or maybe the engine relay? please help! my mechanic has no idea!

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What is the trouble code/codes? Go to another shop.
Your engine requires timed spark, proper fuel pressure with injectors firing and air/compression. You are missing one or all or any combination of.
Again what are the codes?
Two weeks ago it was reading P0335 and P0410. My mechanic told me just to change the Crankshaft too see if that is all I needed but the computer reads the same code after the crankshaft was changed so he thinks its the main engine computer. He took the computer to a friend who claims it needs to be rebuilt but can't explain whats wrong with it and wants 100% of payment upfront ($500)...we do not trust any of these guys, so its been two weeks and today we decided to take it to the dealership for a proper diagnostic. I am supposed to hear from them on Monday. When the dealer called us today, said that the computer was reading a BUNCH of codes, they will call me on Monday with a final answer....thank you for your help!
Sorry to tell you this I have done all of the repAirs listed on this blog. And none of them
Worked , the car still stalls,cuts off while driving, or won't start sometimes for days at at time.
I'm convinced it has something to do with heat. Either the engine heat or when it's very hot

When my temp gauge in the dash reads 100 degrees , the car starts experiencing problems.
my 2004 just did that same shut down your describing with no codes stored. don't leave us hanging
Replace your crankshaft my husband did it in 20 minutes. No more issues.