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2005 Ford Expedition Question: I own a 2005 Expedition XLT. Dogs out when stopped and you hear clatter noise



deridderchristie, Orlando, FL, April 20, 2014, 09:35

Have had everything done to this vehicle just when you think your finished repairing it another thing happens. Runs great has awesome pick up and go, yet when sitting at stop light it dog's out and you here a clatter type noise when you give it a little gas to get it idleing normally .Vehicle has rebuilt transmission less than 30 days ago, I also replaced camshaft sensors ,tires, rack/pinnion and brakes. Now I have a clunk sound when going over bumps from under carriage of vehicle. Any Ideas at what ideling problem and clunk could be? OH yes and is their a way to tell which tire pressure sencor is bad ? Without replacing one at a time to see which one it is.

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    April 20, 2014, 10:36

    You need a good old fashon 'complete' scan test and a savvy mechanic to help pinpoint these issues! Professional scanner is what is needed and someone that knows how to use it.!! Otherwise it's a guessing game......for everyone!

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    deridderchristie, April 20, 2014, 19:25

    Thanks for responding. That actually was my next attack, But...being a woman ,I like to go in with a little knowledge. and I am trying to stear clear of dealership prices, knowing they would be best for diagnosing my Fix Or Repair Daily vehicle! Again Thanks

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