I neeed a smog check for a 1993 ford explorer; however, eng light wont go off! on 1998 Honda Accord

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I have a 1993 ford exporer sport 4.0 and need a smog check; however, the engine light won't go off. I took it to several smog places. It Diagnosed with codes 214 and 556 (Mass Air filter sensor). I fixed the 556; however, the 214 Cylinder I.D. circuit (system) malfuntion. I was told it is an electrical problem and would cost a lot to fix. What do you think? I want to sell this car.
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Hello. Code 214 is basically saying that the computer can not I.d. Cylinders. We can properly diagnose and repair your vehicle. Usually it is a bad sensor. If that is the case ,estimated repairs would be $300.oo or less. But it needs to be looked at . These systems are more complex then others. Call us at 818.848.4740 we would gladly help you to resolve the issue with the vehicle. Thank you.
I took my the 1993 Ford Explorer to a reputable electrical repair person/he says since it is an electrical problem it could be more expensive than what the car is worth. Now if you would like to buy it, I will sell it to you for 1500 or less. We can talk.