I need to replace my Blend Door Actuator & they asked if its manual or automatic on 2002 Buick Century

So my AC is blowing really cold and I was even told by a mechanic and also by my uncle that its the Blend door that needs replaced....However I went to go get it from the auto parts store and there was a $100 difference...I think I need an automatic one...2002 Buick century limited edition. The ac and heater display is digital....Any help please?? Thank you very much

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Do you have a button that says auto/automatic or not, and is it dual control.
ok well what happened was we went and got a blend door for it and installed it and it did not blow more air than it did before....All the air is coming out of the top of the dash....Mind you that it is cold but does not blow like it should be....So anyways I returned the part and got my money back and still don't know why its not blowing like it should be....Any help?? My air is digital by the way...And it is Dual Air....Jenn
That's fine and well. I saw that it was digital and there are two temp/blend door actuators. The main problem with your issue is the blend doors are not your issue. Your issue is the mode door actuator. Give the correct information and we can help quicker. You need to change positions for the air flow not to change from hot to cold. Good luck.
yea I tried to edit my 1st thing I posted but was not able to sorry about that....SO I need a different part?? I tried looking up a mode door actuator and I get nothing on help?
O'Reilly's has them would have to look it up and the blend doors with dual control would be the auto ones. The auto control is F04013, the manual is F04023. Is the left top button say auto.
so its called a mode door actuator?? It says that they have no results... I don't know why its not showing up....
Call them with the part number
thank so much....Also my boyfriend put the original blend door actuator back in my car and now the driver side only blows cold but not hot...I am about to just forget about this darn thing....I am lost on what to do....
There's a way to do things and a way not to. Unplug the fuses to the a/c heater control for 30 sec then put it back. Then turn on the key and then the heater contr and don't touch anything else and let it relearn. Maybe he didn't screw up the actuator.
thank you so much for all your help. Ok I finally tried to do it but it didn't relearn. Anything else I can do?
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