I need to locate the egr valve and it has a power problem. on 1992 Pontiac Grand Am

As i said above i believe my egr valve is clogged up so i need to find it and blow it out, and i also need help with a little power problem. My car sat for two years infront of my house, and wasn't really ran. when i received it the car ran with no problem at all, aside from the windows being off track because it was in an accident previously. Well now the battery is drained everytime i go to get in the car. i have to charge it everyday that i don't drive it, and when i do drive it it's to see if there are any other problems i can find. we believe that the battery problem will hopefully subside once i get the car running good and drive it everyday. what could be causing this?

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If I recall correctly your 1992 Pontiac Grand Am does not have an EGR valve. As for the battery problem, perhaps the battery is bad from sitting for two years and will not hold a charge. I would suggest you recharge and test the battery using a load tester.