i need to know which spark plug is number one on 94 Amigo on 1994 Isuzu Amigo

I want to change the distributor on a 94 Amigo with out having to use a timing gun. how do i do that? and which one is spark plug one? thank you

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you can't get the timing right without using a timing light. Why not use the proper tools? If you really feel that you can do this without timing it, be very careful to mark the position of the distributor and rotor before you take it out. Also, turn the engine to #1 firing position exactly before taking the old distributor out. I suppose and experienced mechanic might have to do this if he broke down on the road away from his tools but it'd be a desperate measure. You could buy a timing light cheap enough...
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Number one spark plug is always the spark plug and cylinder nearest the front of the engine, in an Amigo it's the nearest to the radiator.