i need to get radio code for 92 vanden plas, where is it,and how to enter it on 1992 Jaguar Vanden Plas

i bought a nice jag and i disconnected the battery and now the radio doesnt work,i didnt know,but i do now the code on the radio cover or where do i find the right code and how do i enter it,can someone help me,thanks guys

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go to the dealer with vin# and registration and id and they will give it to u
Wow,that would make things much easier for me thanks so much,i went to the dealership to ask how much to re activate it without the code and he told me he would do it for 115.00 which almost sounded fair,but he said you have to take out the radio,which is where all the real labor is i guess but i will try to go down to the dealer and show my id and registration and stuff and see if he can give it to me.I am trying to find the procedure to unlock also,i did not have the original glove box owners manual,and they say the radio id card is in the manual with instructions,so i will try to find that manual somewhere too. I just found this site and i think it is great.I am an ex mechanic so i am great with cars but i am somewhat new to jags and i am learning with your guys help thanks again
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Had the same problem with my radio called jaguar dealer gave them the vin# they gave me a code did not work took the radio out found another code on the radio no luck was about to buy another radio when I noticed on the cover of the owners manual someone had wrote radio code which was totally different number it worked was told later the code on the radio and the vin needed to find the right code try contacting jaguar heaven in California they will know how to unlock it
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