I need to get AN OIL Change how many quarts of motor oil are required? on 2000 Mercedes-Benz E430

I recently purchased a 2000 E430 AWD with 215000 miles. Can you tell me factory recommendations?

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Factory shows 8.5 qts w/filter - Specs say use Mercedes Benz engine only, per bulletin S-0473-08B.
Thanks so much..8 qts?.....What is it, GOLD??? What does "use Mercedes Benz engine only" refer to?
Don't remember what the bulletin says, would have to read it again, But welcome to the world of Mercedes Benz. They do a lot with their engineering to design that their fluids and such only be used. When they owned Chrysler they had components manufactured in such a manner if you didn't use the Anti-Freeze designed for that vehicle, the components would corrode. Good Luck and it's 8 and 1/2 qts.
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use mobile 1 oil. best price costco
MY 2009 E550 came with a sticker under the engine hood that said Mobil 1. So i have assumed that is what they want you to use.