1995 Volkswagen Cabrio Q&A

1995 Volkswagen Cabrio Question: I need schematics and diagram for the fuse box in a 95 VW Cabrio,cover missing.

Missing the lid for the fuse box, I need to know which fuse is for tail lights etc., and where they go and for the large fuses. -
Answer 1
Manuals are available through most auto part stores. OR using a 12volt test light with the ignition on, lights on, test both sides of fuses and replace the one with no power on both sides. You can also use an ohmmeter and check for continuity thru the fuse after removing each fuse (time consuming)Plus most vehicle owners manuals have a section on fuses and a diagram as to which fuse controls what circuit. -
Answer 2
or you can test all the fuses with a test light. with key on eng off test each fuse if there is pwr on one side there should be pwr on the other or the fuse is bad -
Answer 3
I can get it for you this week end I will make a copy of mine for you. -