I need information on a 1981 crown vic. 5.8L 351 winsor engin can you help me. on 1990 Ford Crown Victoria

The car has no power even with the pedal pushed to the floor it will move slow and sluggestly. I have had both catalytic convertors replaced, cylenders pressure test, carburator checked, i i am about 400.00 in the hole at this point and need help please. Hornsey.

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have u tried to run the car with the cats disconnected, u don't say why u replaced the cat's. Also what was the cylinder compression readings. how many miles on vehicle, has the timing been checked, could have a loose chain, also does the engine backfire
A muffler shop checked the cats and said they needed to be replaced, i have not run the car with the cats disconnected, machanic said the compression readings was ok, the car has a little over 60,000 original miles on it, i am looking for another machanic to checked the timing, the engine does not backfire. Hornsey.
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Try the fuel filter if its sluggish. Is it missing at all try a tune-up with plugs wires cap rotor button
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