i need help on steering system on 1996 Toyota Tacoma

my steering is realy stiff and hard to turn ive already changed the power steering pump and rackinpinion and still having same problem can somone help me

by in Gorum, LA on March 22, 2010
2 answers
ANSWER by on March 22, 2010
Did you replace these parts or did a shop?
ANSWER by on August 26, 2010
I had a friend who just went through this. check the steering knuckle. It was binding up on him. Use some sort of super lubricant and work the steering wheel until its worked in real good. Spray it on and rub it in, since there are no grease fittings. Go figure.
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I checked the heater control valve and flushed the heater core so hot water is flowing thru. Blower works fine and so does a/c, so what else can it be?

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