I need help bad! on 2001 Chevrolet S10

I have done a tune up on my five speed, '01 Chevrolet S-10, 4.3 liter, within the last six months. I've changed the spark plugs, spark plug wires, cap, rotor, fuel filter, fuel pump, mass air, O2 sensor, etc., and it still is acting horrible. It shakes so bad and loses power up a hill, and the check engine light comes on and flashes. When come to a stop then take off, it does it as well, but only if I switch gears normally. I have to let off of the gas a bit in order to make it straighten out as I excellerate. I need to know where to go from here, as I am far too gone to have the patience or money to check deeper into it.

by in Huntsville, AL on March 03, 2011
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ANSWER by on March 03, 2011
does it idle ok? then loose power when driving,if so i know excatly what it is.where the exhaust y-pipe bends just under the passenger seat theres a resonater pipe.its more then likely clogged up. idle the truck for 10 mins and see if its getting melting hot and it will.that pipe takes the brunt of the carbon buildup intead of the cat converter so check that out and let me know.as far as your check engine light on its p0300 random engine misfire and p0301 up to p0306 for different cyl misfire codes.
COMMENT by on March 04, 2011
She idles okay, but not exactly as she should. The shift knob shakes a bit, but that's not my main concern at the moment. As far as the misfire, I thought that first hand, so I went back over my work. It was a negative. Damn 4.3 liters - Just a V-8 with two less cylinders, and cramped into a very small space. :/ As far as codes; she maintains the code PO452, which is emissions system, though I have cleared the code many times. I see nothing wrong with the emissions system, however.. Thanks for your help, and any other information you can give me.
ANSWER by on March 03, 2011
from driving it, you may have ruined the cat converter. the s10 has many issues with the spider assembly under the upper intake. by the way, did someone do a compression test to verify the motor is ok?? Roy
COMMENT by on March 04, 2011
The catalytic converter is fine. I've checked it. I thought of that, as well. I am a mechanic, so I've went over work which has already been done, and then some, but still can't fix the problem. I am far too busy on other's shit to worry about my own, but damn it, I love my truck! Thanks for your help man. It is appreciated. ;)
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