i need help on 2002 Lexus ES300

after my battery change my car will start but wont hold an idle n shuts off

by in Salinas, CA on February 26, 2013
4 answers
ANSWER by on February 27, 2013
you might have to reset security system
ANSWER by on February 27, 2013
Need to have alternator checked as well.
ANSWER by on February 27, 2013
poss needs relearn,drive car fo approx 1/2 hr and that may help
ANSWER by on February 27, 2013
I agree with greg's,If the vehicle is equipped with an electronic throttle body what happens is the computer will compensate for any carbon buildup on the throttle body by holding it open passed this point,so when you take the memory away by removing the battery it wipes this predetermined value away and the idle quality suffers.The easiest thing to try is just cleaning the throttle body and then drive it.
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