I need directions on how to set the marks on a timing belt replacment on 2001 Ford Escort

I need directions on how to set the marks on a timing belt replacement

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If you've never done a timing belt before this would be a job left to the pros. Make sure after you put it on you turn the engine over 360 degrees by hand to make sure you don't have any interference issues.
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with the dohc you need a special piece of flat stock thats .195" thick to set the overhead cams.they slip into the the slots milled into the end of the will also need the pin to set the crankshaft but you can do without that by placing a indicator on the cam gear with a 2" travel indicator down thru the spark plug hole.turn the crank by hand and watch the needle on the indicator till its about .002" befor tdc and with the shim allready inserted into the slots on the camshafts you can put your belt on now.theres alot of detail to this job so if you wanna call me with any questions my # is 7249448221
Definitely a job that should use the special tools necessary. This is a free-wheeling engine design, so even if the belt breaks or you don't have it quite right upon installation, no damage should occur. It just won't run or will run badly. Good luck.
If you never done it before I recommend you not to do it. I had my timing belt and belt tensioner replace and the cv gasket. You need special tools to remove the belt and the tensioner, the 2001 cylinder cover CRACKS when you removed it so be very very careful not to pry it especially the part facing the radiator.
I need to know how to set the timing on a 2002 ford escort zx2 2.0.or the diagram for it thank you