i need a new trans (torque conv problem) any other option than paying 7k to rep? on 2004 Volkswagen Passat W8

my check engine light goes on and off every few hours, but other than a lil kick when tapping the gas it seems fine. HELP IS APPRECIATED!!! my first car lol 125k miles btw

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seek a free diag from ammco the shop pricing at several other shops
I brought it in to Transmission kings. He is COMPLETELY rebuilding the transmission. Lead mechanic said the tranny wasn't getting enough fluids and it was overheating the gears and there were about 7 codes that came up all tranny related. For that kind of work is 4200 worth it?
ya good old german cars
yea as in thats a good price? or as in german clunker lol
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have it scan tested for codes
i had it scanned and code came back as a recalled coil for the starter. part is on its way. Second opinion was a gunther vw dealership which gave me a 7000 quote for a new transmission. I have a buddy who has a certified mechanic to install the tranny once i find one for about 2k. Any places or websites that have the automatic w8 transmission?
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