I need a diagram of how to replace the front control arm bushings. on 1990 Ford F-250

I would also like to have some instructions. I assume that this is whats causing the front end to shake so bad that it almost it feels like the truck will fall apart. All the tie rods and tie rod ends, ball joints (upper&lower)have been replaced. My tires stand straight when moving forward; but when I back up my tires look a tepee ( /\ ). Please tell me if I am wrong.The shocks have all been replace also & I am going to replace the front springs.

by in Greenville, MI on April 22, 2012
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ANSWER by , April 22, 2012
That lean sound like a bad ball joint lean to me. What kind of ball joints were used? Cheapo or Moog? have you checked the wheel bearing? To Check them, jack the front up, then while grabbing the wheel at 12 and 6 shake it up and down. If you feel alot of play or feel a knock it might just be the bearing. Though a shot ball joint will also allow play here. 3 and 9 oclock shake will show you play in the tie rods. having a spotter helps here. I wouldnt do the springs unless you can see damage such as cracks. A pry bar helps show play in ball joint. Just have to place it just right between control arm and spindle to expose ball joint play. Trying not to be too long. Let me know if this helps.
COMMENT by , April 23, 2012
Please understand that I NEVER use anything but the best parts to repair my truck. I use Amsoil products for oil & grease. I have a 1990 truck because I take good care of it and do not use cheap parts to repair it. ALL the tie rods & tie rod ends have been replaced; and the ball joints (upper & lower) have been replaced.The wheel bearings have been checked, removed cleaned and inspected repacked with grease and reinstalled. This is not my first barbeque. I have owned & maintained 14 semi trucks along with my own vehicles for a very long time ( I am 62 yrs. old ) and this is the first time I have run into this particular problem.
COMMENT by , April 24, 2012
I cant assume that you take such good care. Most people dont in my experience. Im just trying to get up to speed on your issue. I will try to get more info for you soon as I have a bit more time. Off to work now.
COMMENT by , April 24, 2012
Please understand that I am not angry or offended, It's just that this is the first time I have run into this problem. Springs do get bad with time if you use you truck for work, the springs do need to be replaced as they are getting a little loose. The shocks have already been replaced and I probably will replace the bearings even though I found nothing wrong with them when I inspected them.
COMMENT by , April 24, 2012
is it 4x4? Ok I figured out why I cant find this for you. Im more a GM tech than anything but I do have Alldata here at home. You have whats called an axle beam. The spindle that has the hub inside it contains the ball joints. The ball joints go into this axle beam. There is no control arms in the suspension of your truck. When does your truck shake? During normal driving, braking, acceleration, deceleration low or high speed..........?
COMMENT by , April 25, 2012
It begins to to shake a little when moving the steering wheel to the right while driving but if you hit a bad expansion joint and/or other bump in the road at any speed it feels like the whole front end is coming apart it takes a real effort to control it, and all you can do is take your foot off the accelerator and let it slow until the shaking stops. I have never experienced such destructive shaking and I have had wheel bearings and tie rods and king pins go completely out while driving both big trucks, small trucks and passenger vehicles. I have experienced most every thing that can cause shaking ( this may also help you understand why I take care of my vehicle the way I do ). Also I learned my mechanical skills from my father who was a "master mechanic", my first car was a 1949 Pontiac that was striped and sitting upside down on a flat bed for scrap in my grandfathers scrap yard. my father said it was mine if I could fix it and I would get no other car ( that was in 1962 ), it took all the money I could make and all the time I could spare but I put it back together did the body work myself ( I did all the work ) under my fathers watch full eye, when I had a problem, my father would discuss it with me until I discovered the answer; needless to say I was taught very well ( the car was original right down to the last nut and bolt,even the old flat head eight engine (best car I ever had). I made my share of stupid mistakes as I have said, I was young and didn't do what I knew I should do all the time so I learned the hard way to take care of my vehicles. My father is gone now so my main and most reliable source of info is gone. At any rate the steering gear box is good and the Pittman is good (there are control arms in a Ford F250 lariat 7.3 liter diesel 3/4 ton 2 wheel drive pickup, I have the bushings here); but I get the feeling that it won't fix the problem.
COMMENT by , April 28, 2012
I just cant find anything on control arms for your truck. Alldata gives me nothing on it. If its shaking that bad you should be able to find whats loose. Check your Ujoints. Without having it in front of me I dont know what else I can do. you may just need to go to a shop. Wish I could help more.
COMMENT by , April 28, 2012
I believe that I have found the problem even though the ball joints were replaced the right ball joint is bad; quite bad as a matter of fact. although they are a very good brand , as you know you can still get a bad part from time to time. The control arm on this truck connects to the frame about 12" from the rear of the front tire and connects to the steering just under the coil springs (for future ref.: you can find a diagram on the autozone web site when looking up control arm bushings for my truck.) THANK FOR ALL YOUR HELP IT KEPT ME FOCUSED AND HELPED ME WORK THROUGH THE PROBLEM AND SOLUTION JUST AS MY FATHER USED TO DO WITH ME, YOU HAVE KNOW IDEA HOW MUCH THAT MEANS TO ME. (IT MADE ME QUESTION THE WORK I HAD ALREADY DONE AND STOP ASSUMING THAT EVERYTHING I HAD DONE WAS PERFECT INSTEAD OF GOING BACK AND CHECKING THE WORK I HAD ALREADY DONE.) I don't know if replacing the bad ball joint will fix the problem completely; but that and knew coil springs should pretty much fix the problem. Again THANK YOU. Hawk Windwalker
COMMENT by , February 22, 2013
Obviously you can get all kind of strange answers - But yes you need to replace the bushings and you can only get them at the dealership, as far as replacing them I am having no luck with any answer - having to take the control arm off is not the answer - you will have to have one hydrolic jack under the control arm and jack the truck body up about 8 inches have the other jack securely under the control arm and remove the rear bolt lower that jack until you can safely remove the old and replace with new, then repeat the process - what I have not found is what to use to knock the old out or if it requires a press. good luck If that helped ?