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2000 Dodge Grand Caravan Question: i nee repairs

codes are p0740 p0700 what is a tcc circuit how can it be repaired.and a trans control system what will i need to repair them. -
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torq converter clutch change or rebuild solonoid pack will be n deluth on friday just lef t 2 days ago.email if need repaired will come to u. rconeve@hotmail.com -
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contact me at 678 830 7338 walter miller -
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I am in military in overseas... I know I can't come to your for repair but can you give me what extend repair job this may need or can I do it myself? I have error code P0740 and have warning light on my dash board that I could not get rid of.. I have removed battery and reconnected it go away little short period of time and it comes right back. Any guidance will help... Thank you Fedaszs -
Answer 2
my name is walter miller please contact me at 678-830-7338 -
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will give u a call tommorow about 11 -