I lost the key and remote to my car, so I went to dealer and had a key made. on 2005 Scion tC

The key I had made will not unlock doors nor start the vehicle What should I do?

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Call the dealer and tell them the problem. They should correct the problem.
Thx for the help ill give it a shot nd call the dealer.
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The key and remote needs to be coded by the dealer.
the dealer only made me a key. I no longer have the remote. So the key should have a chip in it?
From what I know the cost to have a key cut is separate from the cost to have it programmed. Im sure if you contact them and ask, they will be able to answer your questions!

The TC is equipped with an Immobilizer. The immobilizer chip is inside the key, and it sends a signal to the immobilizer pretty much saying "hey, I'm the right key, you can start and stay on". If the key is not correctly programmed or is not in the key, then the car will possibly start, but will either turn off shortly and when put into drive.

The key less entry is just a system that locks and unlocks your car for you. So you can program that to a new key. But you can't program the immobilizer chip.

Toyota use a master (black head) and sub master key (grey head) system, similar to their mechanical valet key system. The valet/sub master will operate door and ignition locks and start the vehicle but cannot be used to introduce new key to the vehicle. The master key is used in conjunction with a series of ignition on/off cycles and opening and closing of the door to introduce new keys.
Were any of the locks changed in the past or did you have one key worked everything before now.
The locks were never that I know of, but I did have a key that worked until now.