I lose acceleration and check engine light comes on while driving on 2005 Dodge Magnum

This problem is happening more frequently-No rhyme or reason to when it happens. Usually I can turn off the vehicle, then when I turn it back on again the problem stops. I have taken it into the dealer and on three occasions, they could not re-create the problem

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I see this is an old for anyone else experiencing this same is likely a bad Crank Sensor...especially in regards to the Hemi motor..5.7L. Bu change the cam sensor also. Use only a Dodge Crank sensor since the aftermarket ones are made wrong and fit too loosely in the hole and will leak out oil. Cam sensor you can replace with aftermarket.
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Take it to advance auto,,,,they will diagnose it free. Its more than likely your egr valve
I'm tod that this is because the transmisson is a sealed sysem. Some guys get dip sticks from jun yards and open the system up which seems to work for tem
I had the same issue, I changed the pcm fixed the problem
What is the PCM? I've had the same problem. Started when car was 1.5 years old, after 4 trips to dealer had them replace fuel filters, it stopped for 2.5 years, now it's happening again. I'm either getting it fixed for good or trading it in.
My Magnum had a similar problem and I wound up stranded in Death Valley. After replacing the camshaft sensor, I no longer had an issue.