2005 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Q&A

2005 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Question: I just submitted a question about leaking antifreeze. Maybe this will make it ea

sier for you to answer--"I smell antifreeze when I start the engine." -
Answer 1
Replace the water pump. I can see it leaking from here! -
Comment 1
the water pump will cause me to lose antifreeze? -
Comment 2
Yep, when it leaks it will, every time!!! Check radiator also. Look very close, hard to find at times..even under pressure test!! -
Comment 3
Like pushrod said, we can see the water pump leaking from here! GM 5.3L = Water Pump leak! -
Comment 4
Bypassed the Heater Core. No more leak. -
Comment 5
Ok. No more heat either but you wont need that for awhile! -
Comment 6
Nope not in Houston, TX! 104 yesterday. -
Comment 7
Crap! Ac ok? These 5.3 engines are just famous for mystery H20 leaks and most of the time it's the pump or rad. A little unusual for the core to leak. When you get it fixed use good old fashion antifreeze, not Dexcool. -
Comment 8
A\C blows artic cold. I was told I had to use Dexcool and not to change it. What's up with that? -
Comment 9
That is just a bunch of B.S.!! After working on these GM vehicles and seeing the effect of Dexcool, first thing i did, after warranty, on my Blazer is flush that crap out and replace it with the old green stuff. Google Dexcool, look around a bit and you will see, i think. Probably the reason your heater core is leaking! -